The First Kowloon District
Porsche Exclusive Charging Station

Arrives at Harbour City

Porsche Exclusive Charging Station at Harbour City^

24 hours

^ Park the vehicle head-in for charging.
^ A vehicle that occupies a charging space beyond 10 minutes after the completion of charging may incur a surcharge of $10/min.

Information on “Exclusive for Porsche” Charging Station

  1. How are the charging fees calculated at the Exclusive for Porsche Charging Stations?

    As a Porsche Taycan owner with an E-Charge(HK) account and available credits, you are entitled to complimentary charging services at our Porsche Exclusive Charging Station.

    The charging service will not incur any deduction from your E-Charge(HK) account balance. However, should your Taycan remain parked in the charging bay for more than 10 minutes after the charging is complete (which we will notify you via SMS service of the E-Charge(HK) app), an additional fee of HK$10 per minute may be incurred.

    We, therefore, kindly request that you vacate the charging station promptly after the charging is finished, to allow other Porsche owners to utilize this facility.

  2. How do I activate my charging account after purchasing a new Porsche Taycan?

    Activate your Taycan Owner-Exclusive Charging Card

    a) When you purchase a new Porsche Taycan, you will receive a Taycan Starter Pack.
    b) Registration steps:

    Scan the QR Code or visit the provided URL

    Complete your personal information

    Enter the 4-digit confirmation code

    Registration successful

    Download and register the E-Charge(HK) app

    Download the app    Access your account

    Top up your E-Charge(HK) account

    a) The Exclusive Porsche Charging Stations offer a prepaid charging option for vehicles. (The service is provided free of charge currently).
    b) You can merge it with your existing E-Charge(HK) account upon registering your Taycan Starter Pack to maintain the balance of your pre-loaded funds.

    Please ensure your account has sufficient funds for vehicle charging. You may top up via the E-Charge(HK) app, with a minimum of HK$100.

    Complete registration

    a) You are now ready to enjoy the services at “Exclusive for Porsche” Charging Station.

  3. How do I use the “Exclusive for Porsche” Charging Station?

    You can charge your Taycan at the charging station using either Taycan Owner-Exclusive Charging Card or the E-Charge(HK) app. (Click here to view the charging steps)

  4. What should I be aware of when using the “Exclusive for Porsche” Charging Station?

    Please ensure the vehicle is facing the charging station for easy connection of the charging plug. Then, insert the charging plug into the charging port on the left side of the vehicle to initiate the charging process.

    Initiate and complete the charging process using the same method (Taycan Owner-Exclusive Charging Card or E-Charge(HK) app )

    Please note: The charging stations only support European standard DC fast charging and do not accommodate AC charging for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

  5. What should I do if I encounter difficulties using the “Exclusive for Porsche” Charging Station?

    For assistance, please contact the 24-hour hotline of the charger provider E-Charge(HK) at +852 8113 2334. The customer service team will be happy to offer professional support and guidance.

24-hour hotline